Eddie Izzard at Beacon Theatre

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Beacon Theatre - NY | New York, New York

Eddie Izzard

If you’re looking for an real opinion on your dating life, your social media obsession, your weird habits or literally anything under the sun, a comedian will tell you brutally how and why you’re doing something wrong. Comedians have a fantastic form of honest exaggeration that captures our daily thoughts, and they’ll tell it like it is in a way that paid professional therapists just aren’t allowed to do sometimes. Forget sugarcoating, if you have a problem these comedians will call you out on it, and sometimes that’s just what you need, right?

Leave the TV and gift yourself a wonderful treat. Head to see Eddie Izzard as they take to the stage for 2019! Get ready to laugh till you cry as Eddie Izzard comes to New York this September! Standup has never been this good as this top performance from Eddie Izzard has you bragging to your friends about it for many years to come! What a highlight for the season! Head down to the venue and let Eddie Izzard carry you away with their live comedy show! Their tour has been the focus of the town and has earned top reviews all across the internet, with critics and fellow comedians across the globe, so it's no surprise that the excitement surrounding this tour is exploding! North American fans get ready to be blown away as the hosting skills that Eddie Izzard brings will leave you craving more. The Beacon Theatre is the perfect live entertainment venue in New York to bring you this event given its large capacity. We bet this whole event is music to your ears! Be sure to buy your tickets above and secure your seats for this once in a lifetime show!

Eddie Izzard at Beacon Theatre - NY

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