To keep the Beacon Theatre a safe and happy environment for staff, performers and guests alike, the venue asks guests to adhere to the rules and codes of conduct outlined below.


All guests may be required to show ID in order to purchase alcohol. Alcohol purchased within the theatre may not be taken off the premises, and alcohol purchased outside the venue may not be brought in. The serving of alcohol is at the discretion of the management, who may deny the sale to any guest. Valid forms of ID include a drivers licence, passport, or a valid U.S military ID.

Bag Policy

All bags are subject to screening and/or search. To save time, guests are encouraged to bring as few bags as possible, especially avoiding bulky bags or backpacks.

Electronic Devices

All professional recording equipment is strictly forbidden during performances. Some shows will also require guests not to use cell phones or other personal recording devices.

For more general information on Beacon Theatre in New York City please read the Beacon Theatre info page.