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Beacon Theatre - NY | New York, New York

Girls Gotta Eat

Think yourself a bit of a comedian do you? Well head on down to Beacon Theatre, Sunday 10th December 2023 to see who your up against! Girls Gotta Eat is on the road for 2023 and thirsty to make everyone scream with laughter. Critics are calling it one of the most hilarious shows to come to stage this winter so get it in the diary for December because Girls Gotta Eat is heading to New York, New York for your chance to see what all the hype is about! Click 'get tickets' because this'll smash the box office for sure! Book yours today for the best seats on the house!

We are ecstatic about all of the stunning COMEDY performances getting on tour for winter, 2023, there are so many! BUT not one is anything like the top COMEDY around right now, we know you are a huge fan... the unmistakable Girls Gotta Eat! COMEDY fanatics are left in stitches, and if you haven't already then now is the time, it'll be a Sunday evening to bond with your comedy loving pals, think of that feeling! Now we know you are wondering where it'll be happening? So grab a pen and scribble this down! Girls Gotta Eat will be held at the ultimate COMEDY place in the vicinity, the top for sure.....Beacon Theatre of New York, New York on Sunday 10th December 2023! Beacon Theatre has ALL the amenities, so worry not...delicious snacks, surroundings to die for AND just around the corner from the city centre, it's so well known! Now, if you want seats just find the 'get tickets' link today!

Girls Gotta Eat at Beacon Theatre - NY

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